American rabbits are one of the first dual-purpose American breeds, admitted to the standard in 1918. Before getting to technicalities, we have to admit–this is our favorite breed we have here! They dress out well, have beautiful pelts, and are some of the friendliest rabbits we have in our rabbitry. They come to the front of the cage when you come near, and are an all-around well-tempered rabbit.

With that said–this semi-arch rabbit was one of the original rabbits bred for their fur. They come in two colors: Blue and White. The American Blue is said to have the deepest blue of all recognized rabbits in America. These are large rabbits, with the accepted weight at 9 to 12 pounds. They are exceptional mothers, and an all-around great rabbit to keep on a homestead or for any meat program.

If you have the time, I suggest reading up on the history of the American, from its near-extinction to finding a line of Americans in Canada to continue and try to bring back this great breed.

American rabbits are also found on the Slow Food’s Ark of Taste.

We currently raise only American Blues, but hope to expand to American Whites (Ideal Blue) in the future. We have multiple lines in our herd, and can work with you to provide unrelated pairs and trios as stock becomes available.

Because we do not have stock available year-round, we maintain a waitlist and will notify you as rabbits become available. Check out our sale page for pricing and to get on the waitlist.

[Pictures coming soon]