Rabbits for Sale

Pedigreed American Blue and French Angora breeding stock and wool-producing companions are available throughout the year as they become available. In all of our rabbit breeds, we do our best to evaluate the rabbits for disqualifications at time of sale, however, we cannot guarantee the quality of rabbits or their offspring down the road.

Rabbits that are available will be listed on this page. However, we maintain a waitlist for all breeds raised on our homestead.

Rabbits will be picked up locally in Maryland. We do not ship rabbits, however, we are willing to work with you to find transport if needed. Contact us to be placed on the waitlist or with any questions; at time of weaning we will contact you to let you know what we have available, starting at the top of the waitlist. You can use the contact form below or email us directly at acrehillhomestead@gmail.com

Prices for breeding stock depends on the quality of the individual rabbit. Wooler animals or breeders used for meat production will be sold without pedigrees. Prices for rabbits begin at $35 for Silver Fox and Americans and $45 for French Angoras. The price will correspond to our perceived quality of each individual rabbit.
  • American Blues – $35-$60 on average – In our American Blues, we strive to produce big rabbits with a deep blue coat. We work to only select the best breeders who have the classic semi-arch type with a high meat-to-bone ratio and good growth rates.
  • French Angora – $45-$60 on average – Because our French Angora rabbits are a dual-purpose breed on our homestead, our emphasis is on producing rabbits which only have good depth of coat and a solid, compact build.

What we want most is to provide you with a rabbit that would be a good fit for you, so please contact us with any questions, your goals, and anything else you feel will help us better understand.