Farm Fresh Meats

As a small farm, our animals are given daily attention and care. Because we are a small operation, meat availability is seasonal. Reach out for updated availability or to reserve for a future date.

Pastured Lamb

Coming for Fall/Winter 2022, half or whole lambs will be available. These lambs will be raised on grass pasture and offered free choice grain. Price based on hanging weight, paid to us. Buyer will pay fees to the butcher.

$100 deposit

Whole LambTBD/lb
Half LambTBD/lb

Whole Rabbit Meat

Rabbit meat can be cooked many different ways: fried, grilled, baked, stewed—the possibilities are endless! It is a leaner option to other white meats, and can be used in place of poultry for many recipes.

Whole Rabbit$8.50/lb

Pastured Poultry

All of our poultry are raised on pasture until butcher, with the opportunity to forage freely. They are given free choice grain from the local Co-Op.

Any meat for sale comes from Cornish Crosses, Welsh Harlequin drakes, and both Broad-Breasted White and Narragansett turkeys.

Chickens average 4-6lbs at butcher, ducks 3-4lbs, turkeys 12-20lbs.

Whole Chicken$5.00/lb
Whole Turkey$5.50/lb
Whole Duck$5.00/lb

Pastured Pork

Perfect for small farms and freezers, we raise pastured Kunekune Pigs for pork. A delicious red meat, we soon will sell by the whole/half pig (deposit required, you choose the cuts) or by individual cuts.

Whole PigTBD
Half PigTBD