French Angora

French Angora rabbits are a breed primarily used for wool production and which have a commercial body type. The French Angora does not have any wool on its head, face, ears, or front feet. French Angora wool has an abundance of guard hair; it is this attribute that makes them one of the easier Angora breeds to care for and adds a unique aspect to spinning the fiber. The guard hairs are what produce the halo when spinning.

At an ideal weight of 8 1/2 pounds (7 1/2 to 10 1/2 pounds being the range), French Angora rabbits are smaller than the other breeds we raise on our homestead, but for us they are truly a dual-purpose breed. Our primarily goal on these beautiful rabbits is a dense coat on rabbits with wonderful temperaments.

Our breeding stock have been bred to be sheared (by cutting the wool on their backs, stomachs and sides), so please keep this in mind when viewing our stock.

While French Angoras require less maintenance than other Angora breeds, these are still rabbits which require a more attentive and interactive owner. Their coats need to be brushed to remain mat free, and the wool harvested multiple times per year to keep the rabbits in ideal condition and health. As with all wool breeds, there is the risk of wool block.

Professional/posed photos are from the Hinterlands Rabbitry; visit her page to see her stock as they grow and what she has available for sale.