Can’t have animals? Still want to feed yourself? A garden is a great way to accomplish so many goals and produce your own delicious, local food.

We offer a number of products and services to help make this easier for you. Fertilizer, started plants, and tilling services are all available to get you started.


Rabbit manure is one of the best fertilizers you can use in your garden. Not only does it contain nutrients for your plants, but because it is a cold manure, it does not need to be composted or aged before being placed directly on the garden. It’s a truly grab-and-go fertilizer!

Use it for compost, to dress your plants, or to create a compost tea.

50lb feed bag full$10.00/bag
Half cubic yard (approx. 9 bags)$85.00
Cubic yard (approx. 18 bags)$160.00
Subject to availability

Garden Tilling

Don’t have the time or equipment to get your garden cleaned up? No problem! We are available to help.

We can work with you on your small home garden or larger homestead plot.

Service within 20 miles of 21703.

Tillingquoted per job

Started Plants

Every Spring we have started plants to get you a head start on your garden. Plants will be hardened off and ready to go in the ground. We focus on herbs and vegetables, but will occasionally have flowers available as well.

We’re taking a break for Spring 2022, but may have limited starts available throughout the year, and will post on our Facebook or Instagram pages as available.

Hot Veggie Starts, 3in. potTBD
Cold Veggie Starts, 6 packTBD
Herb starts, 4in. potTBD
Dahlias, rooted cuttingsTBD
Dahlias, started tubersTBD
Limited Availability 2022