Meat and Produce

Interested in buying rabbit meat or eating eggs? All of our animals are raised humanely and free of hormones, antibiotics, or artificial supplements.

  • $4.00 a dozen medium chicken eggs*
  • $4.50 a dozen large chicken eggs*
  • Whole, dressed rabbit at $7.50/lb, average size of 2-3 lbs

Our chickens are fed non-GMO feed, scratch and barley fodder. Of course, they also eat any greens or scraps they can find while scratching about the property–including our leftover heirloom tomatoes when they’re in season. Our rabbits are on a pellet-based diet (tailored to their needs) supplemented with free-choice hay and non-GMO barley fodder.

Each animal is given utmost respect through its time here. Our chickens have access to the outdoors daily, and are never caged. We pasture our young rabbits, as well as our breeding stock when space allows.

We are a Maryland-approved source for rabbit meat under exemption PL-90-492.

Please contact us to check availability and to set up a time for pickup or delivery if you are along the 270 corridor. Limited delivery may be available if on a route of our frequently traveled places; contact us to find out!