Keeping our rabbitry up-to-par is important to us and to the well-being of our rabbits. Around here, our breeders are pets and each growout well-loved. We handle each rabbit as much as we can as they grow, and these lovely animals deserve the best care and life we can offer.

We do maintain a closed rabbitry for biosecurity reasons, but don’t want you to feel like we’re shutting you out. So, we wanted to tell you a little bit about our rabbitry.

Our rabbits are primarily raised in a sturdy carport tent to keep them out of the elements. They spend most of their time in 24 x 36 (American bucks and growouts) or 30 x 36 (French Angoras and American does) wire cage units with trays that are emptied and pressure washed weekly, except when needed more often. All rabbits have access to fresh water and an appropriate amount of feed–remember, overweight rabbits can be just as unhealthy as underweight ones! We use plastic and glass water bottles with nipples for now, but are in the process of converting all of our cages to an automatic watering system.

We pull the cages out at least twice per year (the goal is 3-4 times) to do a deep clean on all cages. This means a full vaccuum, scrub, and pressure wash before putting the rabbits back into their houses.

For cleaning, we use bleach only sparingly on those deep-clean days. Otherwise, it’s good old fashioned water for cleaning for us, and some elbow grease with a bottle brush to get to the algae spots in water bottles (done as algae develops)!

As far as diet, our rabbits are fed a 17% protein feed produced at a local mill and given hay or hay cubes. Treats are given seasonally–they especially love dandelion, plantain and maple leaves!

We do have a limited number of arcs we use to let some of our rabbits exercise in, or that are used for our growouts.


No antibiotics are used on our rabbits, breeders included. We pull our rabbits out at least once each month for a health check, grooming and nail trim. Our angoras get a bit more attention when they’re working on growing those luxurious coats.

Any new animals brought to our rabbitry are quarantined for a minimum of 30 days in a separate area before placing them into the tent with our main herd. Any animals taken to a show will undergo the same quarantine period before being reintegrated.


If you have any questions about us or our setup, please let us know! We’d love to chat.