Silver Fox

We raise black and blue Silver Fox rabbits on our homestead and have recently added a chocolate-producing trio. The Silver Fox is a breed of rabbit developed in the United Stated by Walter B. Garland. The Silver Fox is raised for both meat and fur, though it is on the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy’s “Threatened” list. Originally, the breed was recognized in two varieties: blue and black. During the 1970s, however, the blues were dropped from the ARBA standards due to lack of numbers being shown; there is currently a COD to restore the “Blue” color to an accepted status. A COD also exists to get approval of a new Silver Fox variety: Chocolate. While no COD currently exists, lilac Silver Fox are often seen as a by-product of breeding chocolate and blue Silver Fox.

A large rabbit, Silver Fox does weigh between 10 to 12 pounds and bucks 9 to 11. Does have large litters, produce plenty of milk, are excellent mothers, and make wonderful foster mothers (we’ve found the same to be true in our herd!).

The fur is one of the unusual and standout features of the breed: it is extremely dense and when stroked from tail to head, it will stand straight up until stroked in the opposite direction.

We emphasize meat production in our Silver Fox, particularly fast growth to 12 weeks.

Silver Fox rabbits are also found on the Slow Food’s Ark of Taste.

Because we don’t have stock available year round, we maintain a waitlist and will notify you as stock becomes available. Check out our sale page for pricing and to get on the waitlist.

[Pictures coming soon]