In addition to raising Broad-Breasted Whites on pasture for your Thanksgiving table, we decided to add Narragansett turkeys to our farm.

What drew us to this breed was their inclusion in the Livestock Conservancy and their foraging ability. Our Narragansett turkeys have free range of our property, though they roost with the goats in the barnyard at night. Any Broad-Breasted Whites brought onto the farm are raised in tractors on pasture until butcher, with free access to grass, sunshine, bugs, and grain.

One thing to keep in mind with Narragansett turkeys for the table is they will not produce the same type of bird for the table as the Broad-Breasted White. As a heritage breed, they grow slower, but also differently. While the breast is not as full as on the commercial variety, this is exchanged for depth of flavor, still perfect for the oven or the smoker and for producing a hearty broth.