American Blue Rabbit

Of all the breeds of rabbit we have raised, we found the American’ Blue’s temperaments to be the best. We’ve had breeding stock who were truly pets and stayed with us to the end, and kits with their inquisitive eyes we never wanted to see leave. While we raise American Blues for meat, our breeders are pets and each growout well-loved.

We handle each rabbit as much as we can as they grow, and these lovely animals deserve the best care and life we can offer.

We do maintain a closed rabbitry for biosecurity reasons.

Our rabbits are primarily raised in our barn in a RabbiTech cage system for ease of cleaning. All rabbits have access to fresh water and an appropriate amount of feed–remember, overweight rabbits can be just as unhealthy as underweight ones! We use plastic water bottles with nipples for now, but are in the process of converting all of our cages back to an automatic watering system to ensure constant fresh water, which has been successful for us in the past.

Our rabbits are fed a 17% protein feed produced at the local co-op. Treats are given seasonally–they especially love dandelion, plantain, and maple leaves!

Any new animals brought to our rabbitry are quarantined for a minimum of 30 days in a separate area before placing them with our main herd. Any animals taken to a show will undergo the same quarantine period before being reintegrated.

At this time, we are focusing on rebuilding our herd. Accordingly, we will have manure for the garden and meat available for sale. Breeding stock is not currently available and will be announced when we resume.