Our Animals

At our farm, we have a variety of breeds and animals. Sometimes, we joke, too many – but they each have their place, and we focus on what they each need. Learn more below and on the animal pages!

All of our animals free range on pasture. We often utilize electric fencing to separate species and to keep all of our livestock safe from wild predators.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Milk, Pets

Aside from the joy goats bring, we love the milk. It is creamy, sweet, and perfect for our homestead. We chose Nigerian Dwarf Goats for their smaller size, particularly suited for a smaller homestead.

Ameraucana and Easter Egger Chickens


Like many, we were drawn to the Ameraucana due to their beautiful blue eggs. Over time, we’ve added to the flock to include higher production breeds, and to allow for varied egg color from our chicks. Any chicks sold as Ameraucanas will come from a pure Ameraucana pen – otherwise, we have a lot of bird and egg color options that can result!

Welsh Harlequin Ducks

Eggs, Meat

When we started looking for ducks to raise back in 2014, we landed on the Welsh Harlequin thanks to their dual-purpose nature and their inclusion in the Livestock Conservancy. We have loved having them as part of our flock since.

photo credit: Mattie Myrtle Photography

Kunekune Pigs

Meat, Pets

Dwarfed by a standard pig by a few hundred pounds, we were drawn to the Kunekune pig for their infamous personalities and small stature. It’s a slow entry into the world of these beautiful pigs, but we love watching them grow and can’t wait to grow our herd.


Meat, Wool

We were gifted some crossbred sheep in 2021, primarily used for meat. We think they love our upper pasture, and have decided to stick with them to help keep the pasture under control, try our hand with wool, and raise a few lambs.

Narragansett Turkeys


While we have raised Broad-Breasted White turkeys for the table, we wanted a more sustainable option than just bringing in birds from outside hatcheries. In 2021 we decided to expand to Narragansett Turkeys, nicknamed “The Wanderers” thanks to their roaming the neighborhood.

American Blue Rabbit


While we have tried other rabbit breeds, we always come back to the American Blue rabbit. Another Livestock Conservancy breed, we’ve found the American Blues to be reliable with growth and temperament.