Welsh Harlequin Ducks

When we first looked into owning ducks, our priority was on good layers, with the potential for a dual-purpose breed for meat. Khaki Campbells were high on our list – until we saw the beautiful coloring of the Welsh Harlequin duck.

We have loved owning them ever since. While they do slow down with egg production in winter, during the peak seasons we get at least 6 eggs a week from each duck.

The Welsh Harlequin is a lightweight breed at 5-5.5 pounds. For us, they fit right alongside our flock of chickens. We raise replacement hens as layers to keep our flock going, occasionally bringing in a new drake only as need arises.

If their excellent laying and beautiful coloring isn’t enough for you, consider their temperament. Our Welsh Harlequins aren’t attached to their people, but they hit the important parts: the drakes have always been kind to and protective of their hens. We couldn’t wish for a better breed.

Contact us if you are interested in finding out more about our Welsh Harlequins. Details on ducklings, hatching eggs, and more can be found on the livestock sales page.

photo credit: Mattie Myrtle Photography