Blue egg-layers, medium to large eggs, 180-230 eggs per year

We raise Black/Blue/Splash Ameraucana, with a focus on increasing egg size and maintaining the beautiful sky blue egg color they are known for.

One of the first breeds we brought to our farm, we find that they have been reliable layers, often broody hens, and consistently healthy birds.

Mixed Flock

Dark brown, brown, white layers

We found we wanted more color and egg size in our flock. At this time, we have a flock of Delaware hens and a rooster (great layers, good dual-purpose breed), Welsummers, Crele Pendensca, Barred Rocks, Leghorns (reliable layers of large and extra large white eggs), and more.

From this mixed pen, we will collect eggs for Olive/Easter Eggers (only select the blue eggs for this batch) and for our backyard mixes (all colors possible).

Cornish Cross

Seasonally we will bring in Cornish Cross males for raising for the table. Why are they included here? So you can learn more about how we raise them.

All of our meat birds are raised on pasture in portable pens, with the option to wander in an electrified enclosure. While they enjoy access to grass and whatever they can find on pasture, we offer free choice grain to supplement their diet.

photo credit: Mattie Myrtle Photography