Our Story

photo credit includes: Mattie Myrtle Photography

What started as a love of the land and a desire to be more connected to our food has grown into a farm for our family.

Established in 2013, we started with a few chickens and rabbits to produce eggs and meat for our table. As the years have gone by, our goals have grown along with the farm.

Not only do we want to directly get our food to your table, but we want to enable you to produce your own. This is why you’ll find us offering eggs and meat alongside livestock – we want you to have the option to take your food into your own hands.

We practice rotational grazing to give our various livestock access to fresh pasture year round, and offer free choice hay. We provide grain purchased from our local Co-Op to supplement and ensure all of the animals are getting the nutrition they need.

Reach out with questions and curiosities, and we look forward to meeting you!

– Michael and Jessica Morgan