Time for a Shock

I have all sorts of pictures of the dying garden (oh, how I miss my squash plants, and the handful of cucumbers I got!), and of my 9 remaining quail. I wanted to tell you about the bushel of apples we picked from our inherited tree (here when we bought the house), or the bushel and a half of tomatoes we picked (I really need to make some sauce in the next few days!).

Instead, I’ve been working 60-hour weeks and just spending the weekend trying to keep up. So I’ll apologize in ahead, but I’m going to complain. I’m going to complain, and whine, not too far off of what I did ten years ago when writing “journal” entries.

We’re planning for a wedding at the end of September. My plan had been to finally lose the weight. Instead, my dog bit me in the face and I’ve not done so well. But did you know, weddings cost a lot of money? Even when you’re aiming for simple, the money disappears quickly.

So that has been draining our resources, and limiting the money we can put towards the “future farm fund.” But then we decided to replace the siding on our house before the wood underneath rots worse. That’s not a pretty penny, and we did not go with a cheap company.

Then–then. Then my car started having problems shifting again. My car is an automatic. They had to replace some transmission parts a little over a year and a half or 70,000 miles ago. It took over a month for them to believe that my car couldn’t go above 30 miles per hour (it wasn’t shifting) and God knows how much money, because luckily it was still covered under insurance.


Not so much.

No insurance, not even a warranty on the parts that were replaced last time. So we’re going to push it as far and as long as we can. We considered a new (used) car, but with the wedding and the siding…. We don’t have the cash for that. We don’t need that. We barely have the cash for the $2500+ it may cost to replace the transmission, either, but it’s the only fuel efficient car we have.

So you move on and you grow and you be an adult.

And then you get your water tested, find out it’s high in e. coli and other bacteria, and then you replace the UV filter, run bleach through the pipes, and make a plan to re-wash all your dishes before you can even attack the mound of tomatoes you had been waiting for all summer.

When it rains, it pours–good and bad.

I’m just waiting patiently for the upswing.

Luckily, I still find joy in little things. I hate that we have loans–a loan on the jeep, a loan on the siding, a loan on the house. We have credit cards. We try to keep debt down but never get rid of the things that ultimately remove debt. But, still–money isn’t everything.

As Mike said the other day, What does it matter if you can’t enjoy it [life]?

We don’t overspend, or we try not to. We try to buy local and support things we believe in (though sometimes we believe in different things). We try to spend time together and eat well enough and I try to fit in a life with an aggressive work schedule.

We try to get joy in the little things, like the collection of eggs from the chickens, and watching them peck across the yard. Loving when they follow. Taking pictures of our dogs lounging on the couch or in the bed (“No, don’t go, I’ll sleep here all day,” Huck says).

Driving in the Jeep with the top down. No elaborate proposal, but something simple and back to the roots of him and me on a riverbank, promising another 5 years times infinity.

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