The Fastest Update I Ever Had

You know those French Angora kits I posted about 30 minutes or so ago?

I just went out to check on them again, to find them all still and lifeless. One of two things happened:

  • They overheated
  • She accidentally stomped on them

I saw her going in and out of the nestbox before, so it’s possible. But with a high of 90, I think it’s more likely that they overheated.

One of the 8 kits is alive, and it’s currently rooming with the Americans.

No matter what did them in, I’ve learned an important lesson: Trust my gut. This could have been prevented had I brought the kits inside like I considered doing a few hours ago. Stomping or heat–that would have solved the problem.

Just an awful feeling in the pit of my stomach. But there’s nothing I can do but learn.

Mike reminded me that had I gone to work this morning like I had originally intended, it would have been a problem either way.

So–learning is left.

7 thoughts on “The Fastest Update I Ever Had”

      1. Oh no. 😦 I’m sorry. The heat must’ve gotten them then. Try putting a fan on them next time you don’t want to bring them in the house.

      2. Yeah we’re looking into a few fixes. It just bums me out, even more so that she was due today (a lovely 65 degrees). Of course it’s not her fault.

        It wasn’t that I didn’t want to but I was on the fence. But I should have trusted my gut and brought them in for the one afternoon.

        You live and learn.

      3. I’m so sorry, again. That’s a HUGE bummer. Sorry, I should’ve reread your post. I’ve done that before. I had a rabbit break her back and die because I was on the fence about separating her from everyone else.

        You do live in learn. But it sure is hard sometimes.

    1. The replies are being really weird right now!

      Thank you. I try to think as much better it could have been, it could have been worse–I could have lost the doe.

      I’m in Maryland.

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