Olive and Easter Eggers


Rather than a breed of chicken, Olive Eggers and Easter Eggers are a mix of different chicken breeds. They get their name by—you guessed it!—the color of their eggs. Easter Eggers can include any colored chicken egg, with descriptions like sky blue, pink (a lighter brown), and any shade of green. Olive Eggers will lay a green egg ranging from a lighter blue-green or spearmint green egg to a rich dark olive.

Because they are not a chicken breed there is no standard definition for coloring, feather pattern, comb or size. They come in all shapes and colors, and each one is a surprise depending on the breeds mixed.

Our Easter Eggers and Olive Eggers are guaranteed to lay a blue or green egg. We can promise this because of the cross we use, which is an Ameraucana rooster over Delaware, Ancona and Welsummer hens. So far our hens have proven to be a fairly uniform black, but our roosters have a bit more of the color splash. We find the Delaware cross roosters to be best for meat, and have high hopes for the egg production and color of the Ancona and Welsummer crosses!

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