An Unexpected Friday

Last Thursday some pretty strong winds came through. At night, we could hear the flag hitting against the house and trees in the area snapping. But we had long ago taken out the pines that could have taken out our house. We didn't think much had been affected. Then, Friday morning. I went outside to… Continue reading An Unexpected Friday


The 7-Day Chicken Coop

Well, folks. It can be done. You can get a chicken coop in 7 days! Just maybe not the way you think. Day 0. Cut up all the pieces and start building. In this endeavor you learn that a 6- by 8-foot side will not fit out your basement door and up the steps out… Continue reading The 7-Day Chicken Coop


Bees Can’t Read

Did you know that even though we went to classes every week, attended field day and, admittedly, only skimmed the coursebook, bees don't attend the same things? No, the bees just show up, move right into their own home and proceed to do one thing to get off the ground: build. After we installed our… Continue reading Bees Can’t Read