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Memorial Day Weekend To-Do List

I’m trying to post and get dressed and get things done all in time to make a cake tasting at 11am.

Not much is getting done, I’ll tell you that.

I want to post about the chickens, and the garden, and the fact that holy crap, I can grow things!

But instead, until later this evening when I can update about the bees (please let there be no swarm cells!), my to-do list for this weekend will have to suffice. And it’s pretty long. List behind the cut.

  • Cake tasting (I can’t miss this and it’s in 30 minutes)
  • Catering tasting (Also can’t miss this–smack dab in the middle of my Monday)

And now for the real list:

  • Buy compost Mike’s on his way back from the dump as I type!
  • Put up bed for corn Finally! Just done this morning
  • Put down compost/newspaper for corn This is not a fun experience when it’s windy out
  • Put down compost for tomato bed
  • Plant blueberries Thank God for post hole diggers.
  • Finish weeding/tilling front beds
  • Place stone for front beds
  • Plant in front beds
  • Plant lettuce starts
  • Plant melons
  • Create watermelon a-frames–we have the old gate that was on our backyard we will use as one a-frame
  • Plant corn
  • Create cucumber row
  • Fix the tiller
  • Weed wack yard
  • Mow hill
  • Till hill
  • Plant wildflowers (I hope it’s not too late for this :()
  • Plant buckwheat (I have to find a spot!)
  • Build duck house
  • Build 2nd chicken coop/brooder
  • Build rabbit hutches
  • Break down about 10 pallets and crates
  • Plant hanging tomatoes Check!
  • Plant herbs
  • Check on bees

And on top of it, try not to let the 80 tomatoes and peppers that are still in my carport die! After planting roughly 120 plants last weekend and giving away 20, this is still only a sampling of what’s left in my carport to plant or do away with:


Not a pretty picture, but taken at night before I got to water them.

Also, I think I’m going to try to see if Mike’s up for adding this zombie gardening tools wall to our to-do list, since it’s easy and cute and I need something simple to make me feel like we’re getting anywhere on this list:

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