Watermelon Gazpacho

Believe it or not, this post has been 8 days in the making! So I’ll get it out of the way so I can start catching you up on the rest and get this site done!

I’ve been trying to work less, exercise more, eat better. We’ve been selling some rabbits, slowly going down the waiting list, and butchering what’s left.

Bonbon had another set of babies! We only lost one after the first day, and now I have a colorful pile of fluff balls. We’re so close to getting NPIP certification for our chickens! More on that later, but all that remains is the paperwork itself. Testing is all done.

But back to this eating healthy business. I have to admit our garden is pitiful this year. What we did put in has failed, except for squash, corn and a couple of cucumber plants. The handful of herbs, peppers, eggplant so kindly gifted by a local farmer–failed. Probably neglect on my part this time. I just didn’t have it in me this year, but next year will be better. So aside from a bumper crop of squash and hopefully tomatoes (we have a field of tomato volunteers!) we have had to buy from local farms and markets. And I can’t complain about that!

Our fridge is almost constantly stocked with peaches, watermelon, peppers, and more. So, I bring you: Watermelon Gazpacho. Continue reading

Mountains of Food

As the holiday season comes to a close, we have piles of food all over the house that we simply can’t eat as fast as it needs to be eaten–two turkeys, one an over-cooked failure suitable for chili and the other perfect sandwich material; a bushel of apples needing to be canned; scalloped potatoes and mashed potatoes and potato soup; leftover venison; the last heads of cabbage and kale at the local market. Dried chillies from the summer. Continue reading

Scaredy Cat

As I tucked myself into bed tonight, I thought of all the things I should have done today:

  • I should have put in another hour of work so I would have less work come morning
  • I should have written out the wedding invitations instead of buying return labels
  • I should have written a story
  • I should have cracked open that last egg and written a post
  • I should have closed up the chickens

Wait, what? What was that, Jessica, you said? You should have closed up your chickens?

Yes indeed. At 11pm I was trying to fall asleep with the dogs on either side of me (Mike still at his friend’s house, fixing the truck). I debated whether to leave the TV on or off, because I appreciate the sound. I wondered if the dogs would fight each other in the middle of the night. I thought, “If something gets at the chickens, the dogs will hear it, I’ll hear it, and then I’ll go outside.”

I know what you’re thinking. That’s not how it works. You don’t get to have a night off because you don’t want to go outside.

But here’s the thing–I was a bit scared.

Yup, me. Twenty-six years old and I’m still a little afraid of the dark. Continue reading

In Summary: The To-Do List Just Got Longer!

This long weekend unfortunately turned out to be less productive than we were hoping. Had things gone according to the original plan, we should have at least gotten some progress on the chicken coop, finished planting everything, and maybe cleaned up the house. Instead, we only got a little bit crossed off on our to-do list and still have a pile of dishes in the sink. Saturday threw a wrench into things, and we used that as an excuse to run errands for most of yesterday and today.

But, we did get some things done and I wanted to post some updates on that! So here’s our progress from Saturday and Sunday. Today the only thing we got done was to pick out a caterer for the wedding (mmm, barbeque!). It just means this week will have that much more for us to get done.

Continue reading

Memorial Day Weekend To-Do List

I’m trying to post and get dressed and get things done all in time to make a cake tasting at 11am.

Not much is getting done, I’ll tell you that.

I want to post about the chickens, and the garden, and the fact that holy crap, I can grow things!

But instead, until later this evening when I can update about the bees (please let there be no swarm cells!), my to-do list for this weekend will have to suffice. And it’s pretty long. List behind the cut. Continue reading

How it Started

Our house in 2010 when we bought it

There’s a few beginnings I could start at. I could start with our childhoods. I could start with this past winter preparing. I could start with when we met, our farm experiences, our first dog together, our respective experiences with farms.

In time.

But this time I’ll start with the simplest place:

Our house. Or should I say our homestead? Our microfarm?–I almost want to laugh at myself typing it, but that’s because I have trouble taking myself seriously until I do something serious.

By May 2010, we realized something had to change. Continue reading