House, Husbandry

24 Hours Short

Whitmore Farm

I’ve come to decide that 24 hours in a day just isn’t enough. And a mere two 24-hour days per week won’t get every thing done that needs to happen. It’s a wonder anything gets finished around here what with picking up eggs,

Whitmore Farm’s eggs. The majority of my birds came from eggs just like these!

Swinging by the cider distillery to ask about their apple trees,

And getting yard work done,


With Huckleberry’s help, of course.

You can’t trust a weedwhacker

Amidst all the weeds that were surrounding our house, raised beds, strawberry planter and composters was this stuff we created as a lovely stack:


We have one more giant crate (4 x 8) in the backyard and we’re still debating what to do with it all. I think we’ve broken it down to a walk-in shelter for the chickens so they don’t have to go back into the coop for cover, the duck house (since we’re using all of our other wood to build the monstrosity below), and cucumber trellises and watermelon A-frames. The chainlink on top will probably be scrapped–it makes me sad to get rid of it, especially when we got it for free, but it’s heavy, takes up a lot of room, and we don’t currently have any purpose for it. Worse is we have no good place to store it until we have a purpose for it.

We even started working on the second chicken coop, but that quickly went downhill. All the pieces are cut and sorted, though we’re finding some are going to be too short. And I even drew out a plan I’d be happy to share, except it looks like I gave a five-year-old the pen with instructions to “Figure it out.” The worst part, though? We started to build it inside the basement only to find out the one completed side was far too big to get out the door and up the basement steps. We took off the bottom, but it was still too big. Minutes after the picture below was taken we took the top off and abandoned the project for the night. Tomorrow morning will dawn with a framed out chicken coop.

We’re on a tight deadline and storms are approaching. Build it tomorrow, put up siding and paint it on Wednesday/Thursday, hardware cloth on Friday and Saturday…. It will be our quarantine zone! The Maryland Poultry Swap is next Saturday, and I’m going to work while Mike’s still on board with building a coop with run in 7 days 🙂

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