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Overdue! The Therapeutic Post for Me

I'm overdue for a post, but what else is new? The rabbits have been continuously evaluated and some Silver Fox and American rabbits moved on to their new homes. I've lost another intermediate rabbit (sadly :(). More rabbits have kindled and some have lost litters, some babies are doing well and growing into proper bunnies.… Continue reading Overdue! The Therapeutic Post for Me

Personal Interruptions

Blog Awards

A month or two back I was nominated by The Belmont Rooster for the Versatile Blogger Award. While I'm going to do this a little differently, I wanted to thank him and just say I think in general, awards are a great way to talk about some blogs you've been reading and to get people… Continue reading Blog Awards

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I Miss You, My Friend

I know what you're thinking. That I've forgotten about you. That I've left you for someone else, someone with more chickens. Maybe a louder voice. A louder friend. You see, I may be an introvert and sometimes struggle being social, but I love extroverts. Every best friend I've ever had is loud and the life… Continue reading I Miss You, My Friend

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Maryland Poultry Swap Haul

Yesterday we went to the Maryland Poultry Swap out at Green Hill Farm. This is a bi-annual event that Erin (owner of Green Hill Farm) runs every June and September. I think this was the third year, but I can't be sure because it's the first for me! All I can say is I cannot… Continue reading Maryland Poultry Swap Haul

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In Summary: The To-Do List Just Got Longer!

This long weekend unfortunately turned out to be less productive than we were hoping. Had things gone according to the original plan, we should have at least gotten some progress on the chicken coop, finished planting everything, and maybe cleaned up the house. Instead, we only got a little bit crossed off on our to-do… Continue reading In Summary: The To-Do List Just Got Longer!

Personal Interruptions

I look like a raccoon attacked a hobo

Today did not go according to plan. Things were going great. Corn bed was put together, newspaper down, compost filled. It was windy, so no bees, but we made it to the tasting on time and had time to come home and start potting some of these leftover plants. There are tomatoes hanging in my… Continue reading I look like a raccoon attacked a hobo