Overdue! The Therapeutic Post for Me

I’m overdue for a post, but what else is new? The rabbits have been continuously evaluated and some Silver Fox and American rabbits moved on to their new homes. I’ve lost another intermediate rabbit (sadly :(). More rabbits have kindled and some have lost litters, some babies are doing well and growing into proper bunnies. We’re getting ready for the Maryland Poultry Swap. There are piles of chicks everywhere, the ducklings are turning into ducks and my garden….

Well, I have a lot of planting left to do.

But the updates are for another post.

I’m going to get personal for a minute. So if you don’t like overshares, don’t bother reading. If you’re struggling with a heart rhythm disorder, feel free to read. Maybe I’ll give you some support, or maybe I’ll piss you off because our situations just aren’t the same.

This is a long story because I have to get it off my chest, not because it’s a particularly good story to read. It’s not life-changing for anyone but me. It’s about my anxiety, and my stress, and my need to feel normal again. And how one little [big] thing can throw that off. I’m not going to die, at least not today, and that’s the feeling I need to hold on to. Continue reading