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A month or two back I was nominated by The Belmont Rooster for the Versatile Blogger Award. While I’m going to do this a little differently, I wanted to thank him and just say I think in general, awards are a great way to talk about some blogs you’ve been reading and to get people reading and talking more. I know, I’m horrible at comments. But if I like something–I actually read it and enjoyed it 🙂

So, I figured before going out to palpate the rabbits and take some pictures on this last day of 2013 (and give you some long overdue updates not about our craft days!), I would give you a list of some more blogs to read. I’m not formally calling it an award, though you’re welcome to, and I’m not really following the directions, but–I’m just paying it forward.

These aren’t anywhere near all the blogs I follow or all the ones I enjoy. Generally, these are the people who post more frequently (thank you for entertaining me!) or who I interact with a bit more. Something about their blog or one of their posts intrigued me and makes me smile every time I see one of their posts.

There’s lots more great people out there. It’s a great community. Hopefully I’ll be able to start chatting with you all more!

  • The Tiny Homesteaders – This was one of the very first blogs I found and one of the most interesting as far as “working with what you’ve got.” I’ve learned a lot from his experiences, be they good or bad.
  • Farmgirl School – I was most enchanted when she asked for letters! I still need to write mine, but the thought of going back to penpals just makes my heart warm. Not to mention, everything she does with a small piece of land. It had me telling Mike this morning, “They have 2/3 of an acre with two goats and two alpacas. I want two goats and two alpacas.”
  • When Did This Become a Farm – This is a great blog if you’re getting into rabbit keeping, just because you get to see a bit of the day-to-day from another view. There seem to be few blogs about raising meat rabbits out there, and especially not one that keeps you so up-to-date and in-the-barn so-to-speak on what they’re doing. I know I haven’t been very good about it (to change soon).
  • Hey Lou Writes – She writes, she has chickens, she takes risks, she likes Harry Potter. Sold.
  • Pleasure Pastures Farm – The dogs drew me in!
  • The Electronic Homestead – I had to update to include her blog! I admit, it’s gotten harder now that her posts don’t show up in my feeder any more, but it’s interesting to see what she’s up to every now and then!

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