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Update with Pictures

It’s over 90 degrees here. The bees are so hot they’re bearding across the front and sides of their hive, and reaching to the back. One hive is strong–the other I don’t think will make it to winter, let alone through winter.

I was proud of how well our garden was growing until I saw a picture of a friend’s garden. A few months ago I gave them some pepper plants that are now heavy with peppers; our own are wilting and the leaves falling from the bottoms. I’m not sure why, but some 6 of the bell pepper plants are dying, the rest struggling.

Still, life goes on and things grow.

Evie’s face is silvering out, but she still gives me bug eyes.

We put up a “farm and garden” shed.

Then stuffed it with feed.

The tomatoes are staked, though everything is thirsty and the peppers are sad.

Even the late-planted garden is swelling with growth and young squash.

The older chickens are nearing 20 weeks old and almost ready to lay, though photo-shy in the evenings.

My poultry swap birds are looking more like chickens and less like dinosaurs. You can start to tell the boys, and they have two more weeks before they leave for auction.

The “babies” are feathering out and flying about, with one blue out of the nine.

And there are 35 Texas A&M quail eggs in the incubator, settling in for an 8/1 hatch.

What’s new for you?

3 thoughts on “Update with Pictures”

  1. You’ve really got your hands full – don’t worry about the peppers – everything else seems to be doing fine. One of my hens started laying an egg a day, but it’s down to every other day now. It’s so hot in the UAE, they come up the porch and huddle at the door to get some A/C air – that’s where she leaves her egg for easy collection!

    1. But it’s so hard not to worry about the peppers! They’re my favorite vegetable, but I guess I will see how it goes.

      And your chickens make me laugh! Just be careful not to leave the door open for an extra second or you might end up with house chickens.

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