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Update with Pictures

It's over 90 degrees here. The bees are so hot they're bearding across the front and sides of their hive, and reaching to the back. One hive is strong--the other I don't think will make it to winter, let alone through winter. I was proud of how well our garden was growing until I saw… Continue reading Update with Pictures


Incubating Eggs – Round 1

Warning: Behind the cut are pictures of cracked open eggs--some simply scrambled, some with development. If that bothers you, please don't click, or find a way to hide the pictures. There is a picture of cute baby chicks at the very end of this post. If you remember, back in June I got some hatching… Continue reading Incubating Eggs – Round 1


20th Post: New Additions!

I have a few posts pending, one especially on hatching eggs, but what's more appropriate for a 20th "benchmark" post than some pictures of the newest additions? These are my 9 wheaten/blue wheaten ameraucana chicks. I had 9 out of the 24 eggs I bought hatch, but more on that in my hatching post (later… Continue reading 20th Post: New Additions!