The 7-Day Chicken Coop

Well, folks. It can be done. You can get a chicken coop in 7 days! Just maybe not the way you think. Day 0. Cut up all the pieces and start building. In this endeavor you learn that a 6- by 8-foot side will not fit out your basement door and up the steps out… Continue reading The 7-Day Chicken Coop

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Why I Always Get Extra

I've had a lot of people look at me funny when I tell them that I have over 100 tomatoes and peppers in the ground and in pots. And then I get to, "Oh, but I have extra--would you like some?" I could talk to you about how I've learned that I can grow things… Continue reading Why I Always Get Extra

Personal Interruptions

I look like a raccoon attacked a hobo

Today did not go according to plan. Things were going great. Corn bed was put together, newspaper down, compost filled. It was windy, so no bees, but we made it to the tasting on time and had time to come home and start potting some of these leftover plants. There are tomatoes hanging in my… Continue reading I look like a raccoon attacked a hobo

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Memorial Day Weekend To-Do List

I'm trying to post and get dressed and get things done all in time to make a cake tasting at 11am. Not much is getting done, I'll tell you that. I want to post about the chickens, and the garden, and the fact that holy crap, I can grow things! But instead, until later this… Continue reading Memorial Day Weekend To-Do List